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Keep Calm Supreme - TRB Health (120 capsules) Beta 1 3-D Glucan
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Our Price: $28.00
The Body CalmSupreme was formulated to be used in conjunction with Body Calm to handle anxiety, stress, and insomnia.
Body CalmSupreme is made of 50 mg Body Calm and 200 mg of Passion Flower. Passion Flower has been used in several clinical trials during the last decade to handle such things as, generalized anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, withdrawal off benzodiazepines, withdrawal off opiates, narcotics, alcohol, and several other addictive substances.
The latest weapon in the Road Back Arsenal.  For more specific details on Beta 1,3-D Glucan, go to  Jim Harper has added this product as he continues to improve Road Back Protocol.  It is available now in a 60ct bottle with free shipping.

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